Tarmac Restoration Marlborough
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Tarmac Restoration Marlborough

Prestige Cleaning Services offers expertly trained Tarmac Restoration Services technicians in the Marlborough area.

Appearance is quite rightly important to most homeowners, people spend alot of time and money making sure their driveways look smart. Tarmac driveways look great when initially laid but unfortunately they do not remain smooth or look like new forever, oil, grease, petrol and salt will all have a damaging affect over time.

Previously the way to deal with this was replace the Tarmac in its entirety, but Prestige Cleaning Services can restore and recolour the Tarmaced areas thus saving thousands of pounds in replacements costs.

Our restoration services include;

Enrichment in colour of the Tarmac

Sealing the surface of the Tarmac

Strengthening the structure against the weather elements

Reduction in the flaking and restoring minor damage and holes

This in turn can save thousands of pounds against the cost of replacement

We offer this service to domestic and commercial customers alike throughout the Marlborough area including schools, colleges, restaurants, hotels and car showroom forecourts. Our professional service standards are exactly the same whether it’s for a domestic property or commercial premises.

Please do give Leisa a call if you have any questions about any aspect of our cleaning services in the Marlborough area or would like a no obligation quotation.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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