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Leather Cleaning in Marlborough

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Marlborough's Expert Leather upholstery cleaners

Prestige Cleaning Services technicians in Marlborough are industry trained to be able to remove the built up dirt and oils on leather upholstery. Part of the professional leather cleaning service includes reconditioning the leather after cleaning which ensures the leather is left cleaned and nourished and re-conditioned. All of the leather cleaning and conditioning is all carried out by hand by our technicians no machinery is used.

Leather furniture is opulent and is the focal point in any sitting room. Leather can be long lasting, but does require regular care to ensure the furniture does not become faded or fatigued.  Prestige Cleaning Services offers the maintenance schedule necessary to ensure that leather furniture lasts.  Good leather furniture can last 4-5 times longer than fabric upholstery.

Regular Cleaning - How Often Is It Really Needed?

In our professional opinion to keep leather upholstery in superior condition it should be professionally cleaned and re-conditioned on an annual basis, this will not only keep the leather looking great but most importantly nourished and conditioned this will extend the lifespan, ensuring you have many years of use.

Oils & Grease

Every day use of your leather upholstery can transfer body oils from skin and hair on to the leather furniture. The most affected areas are where arms and heads rest against the leather.  Pets can also add to the problem as the transfer of oils from their coats appears where they rub along the skirts of the furniture.


Dust that builds up around the home and fibres and dirt brought unknowingly into the home from the outside environment all create a film over the leather upholstery which cannot be seen but cause soiling on leather furniture.


The transfer of dyes and colour from denim clothing and newspapers can also cause markings on leather upholstery especially so on lighter coloured leathers, many of these can be removed with the leather cleaning process.

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